Small Rooms

by Small Rooms

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Recorded and mixed at Brainville Studios by Ross Ingram
Mastered by Angel Sanchez
Album Photography by Chris Trian
Album Design by Mauricio Pastor

Small Rooms is Eric Romero, KT Neely, Eric Reed, and Ben Balusek.


released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Small Rooms El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: Just As Thin
Words are all so fleeting
Effort's just as thin
It was a God awful feeling
I heard a dial tone again
I tried your phone and I got
the voice of your machine

And it said enough for both of us
"I'm not here right now, but you can try me again later."

So I won't pester and I won't pry
and you'll go your way and I'll go mine
It's so damn hard to get through to you

You've said enough for both of us
"I couldn't give a damn about your love."
Track Name: Bluster
Love is patient and love is kind
And love is goddamn hard to find
No one knows the truth
My love, what can we do?

She likes to boast and bluster
She's good at getting underneath my skin

And it's selfish and cheap
the way her tongue's caught in her cheek
Oh, her love is never good to me

Love is patient and love is kind
I hate this goddamn love of mine
No one knows the truth
My love, what can I do?

I'll fold these arms and shrug my shoulders
and I'll be coy and I'll turn over a blind eye
as if this happens all the time

And it's tired and bleak
the way we smile through our teeth
the way we kill ourselves for the sake of platonic feelings
Said it's selfish and cheap
the way we always, always, always disagree
Track Name: Santa Fe
I was just a clover, I was just a pawn
in the pages of a prologue. You wrote it out and erased it all,
and I wasn't privy to trips over to Santa Fe.
Were you just so busy that you let the damn thing get away?

And you wrote a new beginning
and it really lets your story spin
and the characters, they're not as shallow
and the plot, it's not as dull and slim
and my better half is just digging deep
to laugh off the irony that you're so self-absorbed
and here you say, "It's not you, no. It's me."

Someday soon, I won't think about you
Someday soon, I won't care about you

I didn't know about your weekend in New Mexico
You were hundreds of miles out without any need to come back home
And my better half is just obsolete and it all turned to shit on me
I'm burnt out, and I'm numb, turning pages to read the words that I've become